Thursday, January 19, 2017

Original Fireside Chat

For as long as man has gathered nothing has surpassed the calmness of sitting by the fire and sharing thoughts with one another. Our ancestors from every place on earth have done this since time immortal. The fire itself seems to offer peace and tranquility as it reaches out to warm us and connect us with a sense of oneness. 
At our home we have a fire almost weekly and anytime that someone requests to sit by the fire. We have an outside fire to sit out in the open day or night. There is a fire inside a lodge for shelter during the winter months or when it rains. We invite anyone who desires to join us by the fire.
When we gather we sit in a circle around the fire. We all are equal in the creation. Native people use the circle to teach that we are all equal and should be right size with one another. A feather will be passed around. Each person will have the opportunity to speak when handed the feather. You can say whatever you feel called to say and no one may speak other than the one holding the feather. When you have finished saying what you have to share then you pass the feather to the next person.
Each person speaks in turn as the feather travels around the circle. The people share their hardships and concerns and gratitude’s. All of the people in the circle respect the feather and no one speaks out of turn. One can feel the sense of healing in the circle. Tensions disappear and a feeling of oneness and relaxation begins to change time and space into a continuum transcending beyond our daily lives.
“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin
James B. Beard aka Noodin is the author of "White Mocs on the Red Road ~ Walking Spirit in a Native Way". Uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insight to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the Traditional Native American.
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Friday, December 9, 2016

Noodin and Friends Support Standing Rock

Moccasin Tracks Radio Program

Noodin and Friends Support       Standing Rock

by D.Reger's Podcast

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In this edition of Moccasin Tracks we introduce the show with a song from the CD Old School Eastern with the Eastern Medicine Singers, Spirit of Thank-you, Prolific The Rapper reporting from Standing Rock Dec 4 and Buffy Sainte-Marie singing Easy Like Snow Falls from Running For The Drum and Appleseed Records. Trevor Hall's song, Standing Like a Rock is also heard. Joining us by phone James Beard (Noodin),and Brenda and Lester Greenwood who tell us about their ongoing support they have organized for the Sacred Stone Camp. Their circles and groups share cultural teachings. Noodin has cultural knowledge passed on to him from Elders of the Ojibwa/Chippewa Tribes. more:   

   Moccasin Tracks is broadcast weekly at WRUV FM Burlington, Tuesdays noon-4PM Dec 13, 2016-Jan 10, 2017 with host and producer Deb Reger and friends at and 90.1FM. weekly archive at to schedule then click listen to archives then scroll down to Moccasin Tracks and press play Beginning Jan 19, 2017 tune-in to Moccasin Tracks Thursdays, noon-2PM on WRUV FM Burlington at 90.1FM and online at Moccasin Tracks is syndicated on Pacifica Radio Network weekly.

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dakota Access pipeline will be denied. (12/04/2016) MSNBC reported

JUST IN: The secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers told Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II that the current route for the controversial Dakota Access pipeline will be denied. (12/04/2016) MSNBC reported

There is hope albeit somewhat restrained.. In all likelihood this decision will be quickly reversed under our new administration taking office in January 2017. So! Did our Native brothers and those of us that have concern for the environment win the war or just one battle?  

A historical moment occurred on December 4th, 2016! Native Americans came together in the thousands and braved the North Dakota weather for six months to stand for protection of the environment and principally the water. More than three hundred tribes stand together. Concerned environmental groups joined them in the protest.

For the first time in the history of the United States a significant silent majority stood to not only defend the Indians but to support their effort. Thousands of U.S. Veterans spoke to a concern for the humanity, equality and values of Native people as well as the environment that we all must protect. More than two thousand veterans braved the North Dakota Winter to be at Standing Rock to protect against the atrocities incited by Oil Companies and State Officials against peaceful protestors. Millions of people spoke to support the protest on social media in spite of the lack of support from trusted national news affiliates.

The Army Corps of Engineers and President Obama acted in response to the protest to deny the continuation of the DAPL pipeline based on insufficient studies of the environmental impact of the pipeline. A study presented by the Oil Barons and Politicians who would benefit from the construction of the pipeline.

The winds of change have begun to favor the Native people and the interest of all who have been silenced in the name of progress. The Thunderbird is in the air and the Horned Black Snake must recoil. At least for the moment! The battle is not over and the war will continue.
There is a way toward peaceful resolution! It is a way to continue to progress technologically while respecting the creation around us. It has to do with living in accordance to the values that honor all life and applying those values to our technological progression. It is the principals given in the stories of creation all over the world in every culture.  The Ojibway Native Tribes refer to them as the Seven Gifts: Wisdom, honesty, respect, humility, courage, love and truth.


On average there is a pipeline break once every thirty hours in the Unites States.

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Response to an Elder !

Booshoo my Native brother,

Good to hear from you. In answer to your question about whether I have joined the lodge.

My life and lifes work is dedicated to the Midewiwin Society. I did not petition to come into the society for several reasons. Firstly, as a white man with no Native heritage I had some concerns about what might happen if I were accepted into the Mide. There are some very dedicated Elders that would have concerns about a white man coming in. Though I do not agree with that perspective I do respect them and their views. There is also the concern that if I, as a white man, were accepted it could open a door for others to follow. Kind of like opening a Pandora box. The society needs more Native people before other people begin to join in my view.

The other part is a dream I had. I have had many drams calling me to the MIde and continue to have them. One dream was when driving to Mide I noticed a shadow come up over my car from behind me. The shadow was in the shape of an Eagle and its wing span went from one side of the road across to the other. When I looked up what I saw was a large black eagle flying ovr my car. Ahead I saw a long house lodge on my right. I could see the open door and knew I was coming from the east. As I came up to the lodge I drove by. The Eagle flew off to the right and circled the lodge and then came back above my car.

This dream meant to me that my work is to support the lodge and bring people to the lodge while sharing teachings back to the east where the migration began. Some Elders have told me that they interpret it differently and that it is like my other dreams, a call to the lodge.

What I can tell you is that if I were even a 1% Native American I would come to the Midewiwin. I presently still go to Three Fire Lodge as a supporter.

Let me know your thoughts,

Noodin aka Jim Beard

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Honor Fire ~ Community Event


Hosted by Noodin's Place weekly on Tuesday    

Amherst, New Hampshire

James Beard aka Noodin
19 Boston Post Road, Amherst NH 03031
Tuesday, May 10 at 6 PM - 9 PM

Tuesday, May 17 at 6 PM - 9 PM

Schedules of Events posted on  Noodin's Place in Facebook.

All people of all ages are invited and welcome. A Family Event


To honor all life, all Veterans and warriors, all people, and all those who are traveling to the next realm. Sit by the fire and share in the stories told by the Native American Elders and by the storytellers. Come and hear stories told to share the values that sustain a culture.

Bring a chair or blanket to sit by the fire for an enjoyable and relaxing evening. 

Donations are gratefully accepted to continue the work.

This is a Drug and Alcohol Free area.

Any questions call Jim at:
603-261-7228 or
email: .

Gigawabamin iiwidii,
[we will see you there]

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Ceremony - Ziigwan Zagaswe'iwe

Spring Gathering · Hosted by Noodin's Place 

May 7 at 6 AM to May 8 at 2 PM

James Beard aka Noodin

19 Boston Post Road, Amherst NH 03031

To honor Spirit and opening of the Area for coming gatherings of the people.

All are welcome from children to Elders. This is a community gathering.

Sunrise - Fire lighting ceremony.

9:30 am - Opening prayers with Pipe & Water Ceremony & Berry Ceremony and teachings.

12:01 pm - Potluck Feast Meal.

1:00 pm - Talking Circle.

3:00 pm - Storytelling.

4:00 pm - Honoring the Fire. Visiting and Sharing.

Lodges will be available on Sunday, May 8th.

Donations are gratefully accepted to continue the work.

This is a Drug and Alcohol Free area.

Any questions call Jim at:
603-261-7228 or
email: .

Gigawabamin iiwidii,
[we will see you there]

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Empty Regalia

Empty Regalia - Barrie: As seen on Rogers TV | Only On Rogers

This little girl is Bailey. When I first met her she was only about 2 years old. Now she has written a play , represented her people , and demonstrated the love we need to share with all life. I am proud to look at her as my niece. Please enjoy this interview about the beautiful accomplishment and the future of the people that she represents.

 “To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin