Saturday, January 26, 2013

Corn Soup was good

Three Fires Home Coming 

By Peter Schuler
Corn soup was good
Singing and dancing better
When I got my second bowl I stood by the booth eating.
The little girl who took my money said
"you have to go now there is a line'
Everyone laughed

Then she said, "You have lots of ghosts around you"
There was silence
I smiled at her and said that was okay
I walked to a tree taking the silence with me
 Corn soup was good
 Singing and dancing better

The ghosts have been with me all these many years
since I was a boy
First time anybody mentioned them to me
The very young speak with a clear mind
They have not been taught to be afraid to speak of what they see.
It's too bad that the old no longer see the spirits of their ancestors
Nor do they hear them as they point the way to a return of the quiet ways
Corn soup was good

What the children see - Otter Manitou

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