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Cultural Education Project at Mt Monadnock


Cultural Educational Interpretive Program


Campers drawing of wigwam at:
 Gilson Pond Campground,
Monadnock State Park

Cultural Educational Interpretive Program - 2014

Not on the radar! We are working to re-establish this program after a three year hold. Information will be provided as developed.

If you have an interest in seeing this program please express your interest to:
Division of Parks and Recreation 
172 Pembroke Road
P.O. Box 1856
Concord, NH 03302-1856

Monadnock State Park ~ Gilson Campground Area

Proposal / Purpose

Proposing a Cultural Interpretive Program to enhance cultural knowledge. This project would be open to anyone. Guest presenters, State interpreter presenters and SCA interpretive presenters would benefit from having a specific area for their programs.

Educational programs to do with environment, culture, traditional teachings and wilderness survival would be offered. Focus is to be on understanding Native American Culture to enhance values for individuals and community. The physical area developed would be utilized by anyone in the community wishing to learn or experience indigenous cultural understanding. The area would be available to teachers offering programs relating to natural teachings from all forms of beliefs and science.

A variety of programs would be formed and staffed by volunteer craft people. Various crafting would be done depending on availability of experienced craft persons to do with making of Native tools and objects. Leather work and tanning, drums, shakers, beading, weaving, baskets, dream catchers, pouches and other projects will be offered in structured classes as well as on demand by individuals seeking to learn certain crafts.

The program mission is to encourage all people to accept one another with wisdom, respect, humility, honesty, love, strength and truth. To help all life in coming to know where we come from and where we will go in order to understand where we are.

A little history

In 2010 a new campground area was established and opened to the public at the Gilson Pond entry of Monadnock State Park. A small section of the picnic area in the field looking out over Mt Monadnock (great spirit / mountain that stands alone) was offered for a fire pit and story telling area. During the summer camping season the campers and visitors of the park have been offered a story telling program on Saturday evenings. Many visitors to the park have returned to hear the stories of the Native American people as told by James Beard a.k.a. Noodin, story teller, author of White Mocs on the Red Road: Walking Spirit in a Native Way, and founder of the Northeast American Cultural Resource.

During the summer of 2011, the program was expanded to include a: ceremony fire area, lodge area, birchbark wigwam, cooking fire pit and a crafting area under tarp cover. The photographs below indicate the ongoing progress of this project:  

    Central fire     native fabric 7 

Wigwam progressingnative fabric 4

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