Friday, April 26, 2013

Wisdom of the Wind

Wisdom of the Wind

Stories are powerful.
Indigenous peoples tell sacred stories as a way of keeping coherence in culture. These stories become a foundation of shared understanding of the general nature of life upon which their societies are built. Their stories contain wisdom and hope, and shape their societies in profound ways.
To introduce our Life Stories Series, we are thrilled to bring to you professional story teller and keeper of wisdom, James Beard.
Also known as Noodin, which means Wind, Jim is a story teller, author, speaker, teacher and founder of the Northeast American Cultural Resource at This platform enables him to make the aboriginal teachings of the Northeastern region of North America available to everyone. His wisdom is much in demand in schools, environmental centers, museums and private groups. You can also visit his regular blog here:

Celtic by birth, Jim has been adopted into an Ojibwe family. He is a student of native teachings from the Ojibwe Elders, an Algonquin language based people who live throughout the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada.
In his search for deeper meaning in life, Jim literally stumbled upon The First People. They led him on a journey of discovery and understanding. In his book, "White Mocs on a Red Road/ Walking Spirit in a Native Way", Jim introduces us to Spirit through the wisdom of the ancients. To learn more about his book or to order a copy direct from the author, just click on the image of the book.
Sacred stories may only be shared verbally and may not be written or recorded. Out of respect for his tradition, Noodin has been careful to share only from his personal experience.
If you have a story you would like to share, whether it is the story of your life, or a story that has shaped your life, please contact us here:
Make yourself comfortable and click on the enclosure below to listen to Noodin's wisdom, or if you prefer to download from iTunes and listen later, just click on the Phoenix logo.

James B. Beard aka Noodin  Books :

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