Thursday, June 26, 2014


A VALUE ADDED EDUCATION offered through Londonderry School District, Londonderry, New Hampshire

Londonderry High School

 Students in the LIFT Program which stands for Londonderry Incoming Freshman Transition

An exceptional summer program
A School, a community, business support and two totally dedicated teachers make a team effort to help all youth in the community to have a highly educational and beneficial experience through high school years in Londonderry New Hampshire.
The program is a five week summer course offering students preparatory information to enter the high school community. The focus strengthens study skills, community interaction, educational goals and self worth. The result is better retention of students to graduation. Higher performance levels for the student and the opportunities they encounter.
A Native Fabric program has been included in the program for the past six years. This part of the program provides an interesting and colorful educational opportunity to the students. Cultural teachings focus on self worth, balance and centering, community values and making life choices. This part of the program is small. (two hours per week). The program is only a part of the whole that is offered in this highly beneficial summer course. Native Fabric provides, as a part of the course, a Hike to the summit of the Grand Monadnock Mountain in the beautiful hills of South Western New Hampshire and a Native ceremony at the end of the hike with a gifting to each of the students who participate.

Unsung Heroes! Much gratitude and recognition should be given to Kara Gagnon and Ryan Barry for the work they are doing. As teachers they have changed the course for many young people through the guidance of this program.

There are many programs offered in the educational system to enhance the educational experience. LIFT is one of those and in my humble opinion stands out as one of the best.

Article by James B. Beard aka Noodin
Updated June 27, 2014



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