Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For the sake of a little pleasure !


Do not be distracted because of little pleasures.  

A number of flies were attracted to a jar of honey which had been overturned in a housekeeper’s room, and placing their feet on it, ate greedily. Their feet, however, became so smeared with the honey that they could not use their wings, nor release themselves, and were suffocated. Just as they were expiring, they exclaimed, “O foolish creatures that we are, for the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves.” 

Pleasure brought with pains, hurts. 

Aesop’s Fables written in B.C. 

Looking around, I think ~ Is this what we have all done? 


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  1. In the human it means that most of the times we loose our sense of criticizing in our works. We sink in our writing or belief so that we can't see any other viewpoint.

    1. Thank you Abdo - Your comment really goes to the depth of that teaching. I wasn't reaching that far but more concerned with where it brings us in today's world of self gratification and values. Great response and I am honored that you have commented.