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Northeast American Cultural Resource

~ is a multifacited web site ~


Northeast American Cultural Resource is a information board to provide insight of cultural values and personal ethics to aid people in finding ways to enrich their lives and the lives of others. The intent is to encourage awareness of Native American teachings and Native American people. It is a pathway to give those seeking knowledge of their heritage a place to begin. The hope is that all people will understand and respect Creator as well as the Native American people with their rich culture.


Cultural Education Services

A variety of programs tailored to open new ways of understanding while gaining knowledge shared by the Elders of Aboriginal decent. Offered to enhance personal and community values.

News ~ About programs and people

To make available to all people an understanding of Native American people living in a traditional way. Our efforts are intended to share all understandings of spirit to help people achieve balance in life.

About James Beard

James B Beard aka Noodin
Jim is the coordinator and founder of Northeast American Cultural Resource. He welcomes you to join with him in a pursuit of balance and centering and is an advocate of traditional lliving and natural spirit teachings. His page includes links to biographical information and online social media activly utilized by Jim to connect with others.

James Beard Books
As an author Jim writes on subjects to do with social, economic, political, and environmental values. His first book is a true story of walking with his Elder Larry Matrious of the Ojibwe Native American Nation.

World Faiths 

To Native American Aboriginal People there is no one way to honor the creator and the creation. The Elder will often say "all of Spirit understanding is true". This section offeres links for information pertaining to many diferent beliefs around the world.

Northest American Cultural Resource is not incorporated and funds are raised specifically for the purpose of offsetting costs associated with programming. Our programs are given freely in order to carry the traditions of Native peoples forward.  Donations are gratefully accepted and considered private donations.

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

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