Friday, October 23, 2015

A little bit about Noodin's Place

The Gathering Place !

In early May, after the snow melted, work began to prepare land for a Native Style area at the Home of Monica Beard in Amherst New Hampshire. It was quite a task. First rocks and boulders had to be cleared. The 125 yards of soil were brought in and the land was leveled and seeded. This would provide a quarter acre of open land for development of a ceremonial and teaching area.The work was completed by mid July and work began to prepare the structures. By early August the area was ready to invite people to come.
Story Telling by the fire ~ We offered story telling on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and had good family turn outs. In the fall we changed the format to an honor fire so that people could stop by casually and had good turn outs as well.
Native crafting of drums, shakers, dream catchers, tools, shelters, etc. ~ This 
program will be introduced in the spring but we may offer some small classes during the winter months.

Visiting Elders of various Native American Tribes ~ A four day ceremony was done this summer and three Elders from Ontario joined with us. It was a private affair for a local Elder who passed on. In the spring we will hold ceremonies that will be open to all people.

Gardening Native American Style ~ The garden was a success but we had some things to learn. In the spring we will again plant a Three Sisters Garden of corn, beans and squash. We will also have a separate garden for tobacco.
Sharing about: Medicine Wheel, Prophesies, Ceremony, Animal Helpers, Survival Technique, Personal Well being, Community ~ Several people came through the summer for mentoring and teachings. These programs are offered here and off site for groups in New England as well.

We have a horse, four goats, two runner ducks, twenty two chickens, a dog and a cat that share this property with the people.

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

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