Friday, November 28, 2014

How you can shape balance in life around you.~ Presentation Program

James B Beard aka Noodin

I want to let you know that I am in the process of scheduling for 2015 to make presentations around the New England area. The programs I offer focus on various teachings given to me by Elder, Larry Matrious and other Native teachers of the Algonquin people who call themselves the Anishinaabe.

Each program is designed to run for two hours and thirty minutes. They consist of a brief opening in Native Tradition, presentation of the teaching and open discussion.

How you can shape balance in life around you 

James Beard aka Noodin, Cultural Story Teller, Educator, Speaker, Author

We live in chaotic times when even the present seems somehow uncertain. So how do we maintain balance in our own lives when others are constantly creating drama? The answer is too simple and because of this it is missed by most of us. We are trained consumers and focused on our material being in today's world.

Noodin demonstrates through the stories of the original people the ways to find balance and centering. The strengths that not only help us to persevere but give us the understanding to be at peace within ourselves and to share that with others.


Day, Date, Time 7:00-9:30 PM


Creative Life Change
Center Road,
Your Town, State

suggested donation $20 ~ This program is freely offered, freely given support is gratefully accepted.


“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

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