Friday, January 9, 2015


The first step to helping others !

~ M’naa den d’mowin ~ [respect]  Respect everyone, all humans and all things created. Regard each with esteem and consideration.  Allow others to believe in their own reality.
Being in the present is only a part of the answer. Understanding one’s own reality and the reality of those around us is the other critical understanding. What one understands and the way that one understands it is what builds a belief system that guides a life. It does not have to be right or wrong. It is the experience and information that makes what one believes work or not for them. So what one believes is their personal understanding. It is their reality and it does not matter whether is true or not. It is what they know to be true.

Each of us believes things a little differently than another person. We define our truth based on the input and experience we gain over our time in life. What one believes as a youth may be completely different from what one believes as an adult but it is what that person knew to be true then. Since what we believe is the way it is for us, it often leads us to dispute what others may believe because they believe based on their own input. Their belief is the truth for them.

What Native teachings have shown me is that no two of us believe exactly the same thing and that we need to learn not to judge each other’s reality or belief. It is the judging of the beliefs of one another that creates conflict and the conflict restricts the growth of the individual, family and community. Rather than judge one another it is important to respect each other’s right to believe differently. When we respect others right to believe differently we are open to grow. We are not judging so much and can have dialogue and sharing. Through the dialogue and sharing often comes growth for all who are involved.

“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

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