Saturday, January 31, 2015

A lot is happening under the snow

A lot is happening under the snow

The ground is resting and getting ready to grow beautiful new life in the spring. Monica and I are getting ready for spring as well.

We are making plans to have a Native Fabric area, community gathering place, at Monica’s home in Amherst, NH.

It will consist of an area for a tiipii, a teaching lodge and a healing lodge. A garden is in the works and it will be planted as a three sister’s garden consisting of corn, beans and squash.

Figure 1   Layout Plan for Spring 2015

In the plan is community story telling starting in the spring. Anyone will be welcome to our fire for an evening of stories on a weekly basis. We will be having circles on a regular schedule. Crafting and other events are also being planned to offer to those interested.

Much gratitude is offered to Monica for her gracious offering of her land to make a place for programs to help the people.

Talks concerning health and wellness, seeking balance and centering, continue to be offered throughout New England.

These presentations are open to all age groups. Schools, Holistic Centers, Martial Arts Centers and individual focus groups in communities particularly benefit from these. They focus on various teachings shared to me by Elder, Larry Matrious and other Native teachers of the Algonquin people who call themselves Anishinaabe. Each program is designed to run two hours and thirty minutes. They consist of a brief opening in Native Tradition, a presentation of the topic and open discussion. Some of the topics are:

 If you have an interest in hosting a presentation or helping in the construction of our new program area please contact me. Jim Beard aka Noodin ~ (603) 261-7228 or

Have a wonderful winter season and stay safe and warm.

Jim Beard aka Noodin


“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin

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