Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Preparation for Spring Ceremony at Noodins Place

ziigwan ozhitaw zagaaswe'iwe danakamigad

Spring Preparations for ceremonies in this place

Greetings to our circle community and all who have an interest,

The land has been rested and cleansed and now is the time for renewal. Much needs to be done to make the area ready for the people. Input is needed from the circle as to times best suited for ceremony, gatherings and lodges. The lodge and grounds need to be put in order.
Through April I am committing my Saturdays and Sundays to making the land ready. Anyone who would like to join with me is invited. My plan is to work on projects to prepare the area from 9:00am to 4:00pm. At the end of the work time I hope to have a fire and circle to give thanks for the people, the land and the work done. The experience will be rewarding and much can be learned of the teachings by doing this work.
Gatherings in the teaching lodge: it has been an interesting winter indeed. As always the winter storms played part in the offering of circle gatherings and ongoing projects. Our circle has a strong core group and the wintry ways of New England did not deter from having some gatherings. Our teaching lodge worked well providing warmth and comfort for circles. We have learned that there is a wonderful healing in having winter circle in our lodge and by the fire. It is a special time and experience.
Moccasin Making Native Fabric: Fabric work continued into December with the making of moccasins, dream catchers and pouches. Having an inside area allows us to continue these projects regardless of weather and darkness of night.
In May 2017 we are looking forward to resuming the fabric work continuing to make many leather goods and moccasins, drums, shakers, flutes, dream-catchers and various beading projects.
Many travels: Lester, Brenda and Michael made several trips to Standing Rock with supplies to support the people with wood stoves, clothing and other items. Stephanie traveled to Egypt to connect with the roots of civilization. Noodin traveled to Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio to visit with anishinabeg ceremony. Jetta attended Unity Dance and is planning a trip to ceremony out west in May. Other members of the circle have been active in speaking for the land, water and air by voicing concerns at various protest gatherings around New England. Cindy Lou and Auntie Crow traveled to Standing Rock in support of DAPL.
Many of the people have endured hardship and growth as well as the bountiful gifts of life during this past year. Our prayers for one another, all life around us and those that are in need have been many through our asema.
So much to do and so little time to do it. Things that need to be done in preparation for ceremony.
Rebuild sweat lodge: Gather saplings and build new frame. Clean area - Raking and mowing, rebuild central fire pit. Repair and improve teaching lodge - set irrigation border around lodge for better drainage. Clean and position lodge covers. Clean tiipii - Set irrigation for better drain off. Repair lawn areas - fill all dug holes and re-seed areas that are bare. Set gardens for three sister garden and tobacco garden - Turn ground and lay out for planting. Set up camper and cooking areas - Open camper, clean and set up cooking appliances. Gathering supplies - Mostly firewood and grand fathers.
“To be centered is to stand alone together” Noodin
James B. Beard aka Noodin is the author of "White Mocs on the Red Road ~ Walking Spirit in a Native Way". Uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insight to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the Traditional Native American.
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