Thursday, July 25, 2013


Lose Some ~ Gain Some 

We never really lose anyone or anything in life for it becomes a part of us. All things continue. 

We always gain something in life because the person or anything we have cycles into our being at the right time and comes from another cycle. 

Be happy in the instant of this time! Your life!


Remembering those who have traveled on.

Remembering those that are here.

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1 comment:

  1. One thing I have never understood: marking the anniversary of "loss". It overwhelmed me when I moved East. Perhaps I had not really encountered "loss" until then. The desert, so vast, does not help confine grief, which seems to need a dark heavy center. Elation and joy are expansive, light going into light. I have always celebrated the days of "gain". It seems far better , to me, to recall joy and beauty than to recall grief.

    And yes, once connection is made, it subtly alters other aspects of being. It is assimilated, and VERY hard to erase. Beauty to you, Jim