Monday, July 22, 2013

Bald Eagle ~ Do animals help?

Bald Eagle  ~  Messenger for Love 

WOW!  Thankyou for what you are doing! Freedom to speak is the strength of the people to make a better world honoring our earth.

Elders teach that the power of the masses in this time will be the path to a new man going forward living in peace with one another. They offer Seven Gifts given by Spirit to man as a guide. These gifts should all be applied together!

The Seven Grandfather Teachings ~
Wisdom ~ Nbaa kaa win ~ Use the wisdom for the people. The understanding that is gained through interacting with all things that is of the creation.
Respect ~ M’naa den d’mowin ~ Respect everyone, all humans and all things created. Regard each with esteem and consideration. Allow others to believe in their reality.
Bravery ~ Zoon gide’iwin ~ Do things even in the most difficult times. Be ready to defend what you believe and what is right. Always stand up for the people.
Honesty ~ Gwe kwaad ziwin ~ Be honest in every action and provide good feelings in the heart. Do not be deceitful or use self-deception.
Humility ~ Dbaad end’zin ~ Know that you are equal to everyone else. Take pride in what you do, but the pride that you take is in the sharing of the accomplishment with others.
Love ~ Zaa gidwin ~ The love of life and creation that is felt by a seed planted as it senses the warmth of the soil heated by the sun. As it grows it pushes to the light and reaches out to feel the light and warmth. It honors the gift as it opens the petals of the flower to receive the bounties of life. It shares the bounties with all brothers and sisters that have need. Know this love and share it with all.
Truth ~ Debwe win ~ Understand all that is of those things that you use. Be true in everything that you do. Be true to yourself and true to your fellow man. Always speak the truth. Truth is the completeness and we only can know what we see.
The Seven Grandfathers told the First Elder:  “Each of these teachings must be used with the rest; you cannot have wisdom without love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. To leave one out is to embrace the opposite of what that teaching is.
From the teachings of the algonquin people!

I offer prayers for our continued success ~ asema

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  1. Wonderful post.The traits listed by you are really not getting due attention and priority in the lives of people of present generations. At least a few of these qualities if followed in real spirit can make our life beautiful. In fact the Indian Culture has always been a strong propagator of these traits along with other qualities in order to fulfill the final objective of attaining the stage of " SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINA" mean let all be Happy and prosperous.
    M C Pargaien