Sunday, September 1, 2013

Story Telling at the Mountain Hikers Cabin

           Story Telling
                   ~  Grand Monadnock Mountain

My name is James Beard aka Noodin and I am an interpretive story teller at Monadnock State Park in New Hampshire. During the winter months I live in the Hikers Cabin on the White Dot Trail. It is a cabin with a living space and a large outer room that is used for various park related programs. When I am there, anyone is welcome to stop by and chat.

Winter Programs
November to April 2013

          Interpretive educational programs are provided for schools, camps, environmental centers, individual groups, museums, youth camps and academies. You are invited to bring your group to the mountain for an educational outing during weekdays. The group should not exceed twenty people do to accomodations.

            I utilize an oral teaching method telling various native stories or legends. The stories demonstrate the cultural attributes of the Native American People. The lessons contained in the stories encourage strong personal and community values for the individual. Native American drums, shakers and flutes are often used in the program to enhance the delivery of the story.

            These programs are offered at no cost to the public in the interest of helping others.

The interpretive programs can be provided off location at schools or other locations in the New England Area. Scheduling of these programs is on a first come first serve basis and must be pre-scheduled.

To arrange a program contact: Jim Beard @  , Phone: 603-261-7228

To read more about Noodin electronically (click) >>> Ebook, Ibook, Nook Book, Kindle Fire

To read more about Noodin click on this link  ~  James B Beard aka Noodin


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