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Great Spirit Place

Grand Monadnock

Grand Monadnock
In early spring the changes on Mt. Monadnock, in New Hampshire, are often dramatic. The hiking trails begin to melt off the ice that has built up during the winter and the trails near the base soften as the saturated mud warms. Each step one takes becomes a test to see if the ground is firm. A step on the soft path will often result in a gusher of muddy water squirting up from hidden pockets in the ground. Melting water comes down the trails making them streams to be traversed by the hikers anxious to climb the mountain. The trees barely have buds and yet those hints of budding new life will quickly form and fill the forest with lush shades of green between the groves of evergreen that dominate the forest scene.

View of Grand Monadnock from Gilsom Pond

At the summit one can see out over five states from this mountain that stands alone. The panoramic view is awe inspiring and more than one hundred thousand hikers traverse this beautiful mountain each year to experience the beauty and energy of this place. It has been said that the word Monadnock derives from an old Indian word meaning mountain that stands alone. Geologists today use the term Monadnock to describe any mountain that stands by itself.

This is the home for Noodin. In the winter he lives in a lodge in the state park at the base and in the summer he camps amongst the campers that come to enjoy the serenity of the beautiful forest.

Excerpt from: White Mocs on the Red Road / Walking Spirit in a Native Way

Excerpt from: White Mocs on the Red Road / Walking Spirit in a Native Way

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