Thursday, September 5, 2013


Wisdom of the Wind
Excerpts of interview with Hannah Thomas of 2012

I've almost always got a story and usually I don’t know what I’m going to tell about until I’m talking to an audience. I kind of have a feeling for what someone might be looking to hear. 

James Beard aka Noodin
I’ve come to believe, in my own life, that what it’s all about is connecting with who we really are and understanding that. One of the basic teachings in Native Spiritual teachings is an understanding of who we are by knowing where we come from and understanding how we will go forward reaching into a depth of the all of who we are.  

In our society we tend to look at ourselves in a material way. Everything we have in our day is of a material sense, whether it’s working in the kitchen with our pots and pans or it’s driving our car down the street or its attending a school and paying attention to our books and writing or even being in a relationship. 

These are all of a material sense but what native teachings share is that the material part of who we are is only a part. It is only about half of who we really are.  We are truly of spirit and material being and that in this day and age we tend to lose sight of the spirit part of our being.

Excerpt from: Wisdom of the Wind – interview by Hannah Thomas ~ HeartRising

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