Thursday, February 23, 2012

Public Release ! Walking Spirit in a Native Way

White Mocs on the Red Road


            Walking Spirit in a Native Way

Jim's first book -

Jim Beard aka NoodinWhite Mocs on the Red Road / Walking Sprit in a Native Way  - has been acclaimed by many to be uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insite to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the traditional Native American.

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To begin to know spirit through the teachings of the ancients. In a time of transition, one begins to look for answers about living that seem to be missing in life. It seems as if the fulfillment of the promise of the American dream is somehow incomplete. One begins to look for something to fill in the missing pieces. Noodin searched for that missing part and almost literally stumbled on the first people of this land. As he began to learn of their continued existence, they led him on an extraordinary path of understanding. These people who he did not even know still existed, continue to have the gifts of a beautiful culture that respects all things. The goal for Noodin then became to find those gifts.

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