Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Gift from my friend Gordon

Empowered Beads

mala beads

The empowered beads are frequently used as a healing tool. The full name for the empowered beads is “Qi Information Empowered Mala Beads,” but for simplicity’s sake, we will call them empowered beads or mala bracelets and necklaces.

The short mala beads are made of seeds from a plant that grows in China. These beads naturally contain high-quality energy and also go through the 49-day empowerment process. The 18 beads in the bracelet contain 18 different levels of post-birth energy information. While the bracelet has a source bead with a tassel, it does not have counting beads. This mala is always strung on elastic so that it can easily fit onto a wrist or ankle.

In common with the empowered jade and empowered blanket, the empowered beads can absorb and release positive energy as well as absorb and neutralize negative and disease energies. Sometimes one or few beads break without an apparent reason. This is because the bead or beads have already absorbed more negative or disease energy than they can handle, but they have already taken away some of the negative energy. Some of my students have reported back to me that when their beads broke, they have been able to associate this with negative things happening around them and they know that the degree of negativity was decreased by the beads.

Efficacies and Functions

In common with other empowered objects, the beads can dispel illness and exorcise evil; eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation, and stasis; circulate blood and energy; strengthen vitality; balance the life energy field; balance the five elements system within the body; balance the mental state; enhance spirituality; improve the moving program of life; adjust feng shui; increase wisdom; and enhance intelligence.

Using the Beads for Self Healing

The emitted energy of the long strand of empowered beads can heal illness and conditions of the neck, front of the chest, heart, lungs, tracheae, and head when worn around the neck.

Through the actions of many acupuncture points around the wrists, the energy information of the short or long empowered beads can adjust the life energy field, balance the physiological and psychological functions, and heal illness when worn around either wrist. The concept is similar to the magnetic bracelets used in physiotherapy, but the effect of this energy information healing method is superior to magnetic field healing.
When worn around the ankles, they primarily treat illnesses in the legs, ankles, and feet.

Using the Beads for Healing Others

Energy healers can use the empowered beads to heal others with a very simple and direct method. It does not require the energy healer to transmit his or her own energy, so it does not consume the healer’s energy, yet it achieves results that are superior to those achieved by energy transmission by the healer.

The energy healer holds the empowered beads about 4 to 8 inches away from the affected area of the person’s body. The healer can hold the empowered beads motionlessly or hold them while doing a push and pull motion, circular motion, guiding motion, or a combination of all the above motions. This method can establish a direct healing effect on the person.
The best method is to use the empowered beads along with the universal mantra included on the Emei Sacred Healing Sounds CD. Normally, the person will quickly enter a sleeping or meditation state. These states facilitate healing.

When using the empowered

When the bracelet is place around a water bottle, it will absorb the negative energy from the water. Many have noticed a change in the taste, describing it as lighter in feeling or sweeter. I did a blind taste test twice at Regis College in Weston, MA at natural healing fairs and the students chose the “qigong” water at a 75% rate. Students are encourage to perform their own blind taste tests with assistant from a friend.

Regards, Gordon

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