Thursday, July 25, 2013


Lose Some ~ Gain Some 

We never really lose anyone or anything in life for it becomes a part of us. All things continue. 

We always gain something in life because the person or anything we have cycles into our being at the right time and comes from another cycle. 

Be happy in the instant of this time! Your life!


Remembering those who have traveled on.

Remembering those that are here.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bald Eagle ~ Do animals help?

Bald Eagle  ~  Messenger for Love 

WOW!  Thankyou for what you are doing! Freedom to speak is the strength of the people to make a better world honoring our earth.

Elders teach that the power of the masses in this time will be the path to a new man going forward living in peace with one another. They offer Seven Gifts given by Spirit to man as a guide. These gifts should all be applied together!

The Seven Grandfather Teachings ~
Wisdom ~ Nbaa kaa win ~ Use the wisdom for the people. The understanding that is gained through interacting with all things that is of the creation.
Respect ~ M’naa den d’mowin ~ Respect everyone, all humans and all things created. Regard each with esteem and consideration. Allow others to believe in their reality.
Bravery ~ Zoon gide’iwin ~ Do things even in the most difficult times. Be ready to defend what you believe and what is right. Always stand up for the people.
Honesty ~ Gwe kwaad ziwin ~ Be honest in every action and provide good feelings in the heart. Do not be deceitful or use self-deception.
Humility ~ Dbaad end’zin ~ Know that you are equal to everyone else. Take pride in what you do, but the pride that you take is in the sharing of the accomplishment with others.
Love ~ Zaa gidwin ~ The love of life and creation that is felt by a seed planted as it senses the warmth of the soil heated by the sun. As it grows it pushes to the light and reaches out to feel the light and warmth. It honors the gift as it opens the petals of the flower to receive the bounties of life. It shares the bounties with all brothers and sisters that have need. Know this love and share it with all.
Truth ~ Debwe win ~ Understand all that is of those things that you use. Be true in everything that you do. Be true to yourself and true to your fellow man. Always speak the truth. Truth is the completeness and we only can know what we see.
The Seven Grandfathers told the First Elder:  “Each of these teachings must be used with the rest; you cannot have wisdom without love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. To leave one out is to embrace the opposite of what that teaching is.
From the teachings of the algonquin people!

I offer prayers for our continued success ~ asema

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Conversation with a Woodpecker

Woodpecker Came to Visit!

- By: James B. Beard aka Noodin

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Friday, July 12, 2013

You of little brain ! Smarter than we think !

Oh Snake! Oh Snake!

The great minds of science know so much and yet ~ Do they really?
I read an article recently where science has determined that animals don’t really reason or think. They only respond instinctively to their habitat and in accordance to the particular evolution of their species. Some scientists disagree but this is the generally accepted thought.
In the spring the park receives our firewood packs to offer to campers. We keep a large supply at headquarters and a usage supply near our store for customers. The day the firewood was delivered I was on duty as ranger at the gate of the park. The truck rolled up with the firewood. I asked him to leave a couple of pallets of the firewood at the gate and then unload the rest of the supply in our storage yard. The driver unloaded three pallets and left the gate to deposit the rest of his load.
I opened the shed and began putting the firewood packages in the storage shed. I unloaded the first pallet and began to unload the second one when I noticed a Garden Snake coming out from under the pallet. I continued to unload the wood and then stacked the pallets against the side of the building. The snake was still on the roadway where the pallet had been that he came out of, so I gently prodded the snake off the road and watched as the snake moved on out into the woods. It felt good to know that he would find a good life here at the park.

Pretty soon the delivery truck came back and gathered the pallets. The afternoon went on without anything of interest happening. About three hours had passed and I went over toward the storage shed where the wood had been stored away. On the ground where the pallet had been was the snake. He was looking for his home.
It made me think of other times when animals that cannot reason seemed to know how to process a situation.
Pulling out a dirt road in Wisconsin one time I came up on a Doe deer with a Faun. The mother turned and faced my vehicle making me stop the car. She stood there snorting at me and acting as if she would charge the car. The Faun then ran into the bush off to the right. Once the Faun was clear the Doe ran up the road in front of the car and off into the bush to the left. This all happened in a matter of seconds but very clearly showed that the Doe knew exactly what she was going to do in that situation. She was prepared to sacrifice herself so her Faun would safely get away.
I live in the woods and see these things all the time. If I am going to the store I have to reason what to take, where I am going, what road I will use and make many other mental decisions based on thought and reasoning. Maybe it would be simpler to be “just an animal” and do all of these things instinctively.
There are many other encounters like this that have happened to me. They happen frequently, but what do you think? Any animals making intelligent decisions around you lately?

Ever watch a squirrel figure out how to get into a birdfeeder?

Article by: James Beard aka Noodin

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

To a Great Mentor !

About this book

This book is dedicated to my teacher, Nagaan we widong, [na-gaan-way-wi-dong / First to Speak, First Thunder, Lawrence Joe Matrious, A man who dedicated his life to the people. An Elder of the Ojibwe Nation of People that live around the great lakes in North America. His teachings, patience and example changed my life and that of many others who knew him. He was one of the last of the Old Ones of Lake Lena Reservation in Hinckley, Minnesota. I say here that he was one of the last, though in truth he is one of the old ones. Though he passed on August 9th, 2009, he is still with us in spirit and continues to affect my life on a daily basis.

A grandmother of the Ojibwe from Red Lake Reservation had been asked to oversee the ceremonies for Misho. Her name was Anna and she was a very short woman and needed a walker to move about together with a nurse for assistance. She would drag her feet as she moved around. Anna came to the fire just after sunrise and offered her prayers. She sat down and looked at me for a long time.

“You are the one they call Noodin,” Anna said. “You and others in the East have been given many teachings by Nagan We Widung. It is now up to you and those that have been taught to carry those teachings to others. These things were not given to you to keep to yourself. Do you understand?”

I answered her that I do understand.


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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wolf ~ Brother and guide to Man

When Wolf Steps In

Understanding what our animal helpers tell us.

Though I have been attending Native American ceremonies for a few years, there were still many native people who would basically be cordial, but distant.  Especially the women of the tribe.  An Anglo stands out in this population and the people have become leery of visitors to their sacred ceremonies. 

This particular ceremony was in the fourth day and it was nearing midnight. The ceremonies were ongoing and started early in the morning for that day. I was standing near the doorway of the teaching lodge listening to the teachings being given in the fom of oral stories of the people. An art and a way that is timeless in passing of the knowledge of the people.
To my surprise, a young woman in her early twenties walked up to me as I stood near the lodge doorway listening to the teachings being given inside.  “Excuse me”, she said, “I want to ask if you could help me.  I need a ride back to my motel.”  She looked down at her son, who was about four, and continued.  “We have been here since six thirty this morning and my grandmother is in the lodge right now.  It looks like it will be going on for a long time and my son is exhausted.”  I answered that I would be happy to give her a ride.
I could not help but feel honored that a woman of the people would trust me.  It must have taken a lot of courage for her to even ask.
When we got in the car she commented to me, “I am thinking of leaving the lodge!” 
I thought about what she had said.  Why is she telling me, an outsider, this, that she would be thinking of leaving the lodge.
“Why would you want to leave the lodge?” I asked.
“I don’t want to, but my aunties on my rez are all Christian and they are always after me about my beliefs.  They tell me I am a pagan and devil worshiper.  That I will go to hell if I do not change my ways.  I am tired of their constant criticisms and if I leave the lodge they will get off my back.” She replied.
I answered.  “I really don’t know what I can tell you to help.  I am not a member of the Medicine Society and can’t be since I am not an Indian.  I guess all I can tell you is why I, a white man, would come to these ceremonies.”
      I told her how I had come to be invited to ceremony a few years ago.  I spoke about how my brothers, Austin and Pellie, befriended me and began to share teachings that changed my life. How each time I come and help, I feel re energized and whole with myself.  What I had learned about myself and where I came from, so as to understand where I am going in this lifetime and on.  How I learned to laugh. 

      When I finished she said to me; “You have helped me see that this is my path.  I am going to stay in the Midewiwin Lodge and I now understand why this is so important for me and my son.  You know, it really is special how Creator puts signs on our road to help us when we need it.”

“Yes”, I answered.  “This trip seems to be all about seeing the signs.  On the way here, Pellie, my brother, and I went through several white out snow storms.  When it looked like it could only get worse, we saw a white wolf run across the road in front of our car.  We both knew the road would clear up after that and it did.  Then, a little further down the road, we saw a grey wolf on the side of the road, watching us pass.  We knew then that the road would stay dry for the rest of the trip.  I never would have accepted that a few years ago.  Today I know that Creator works with each of us in mysterious ways.”
     There was dead silence in the car and I looked at her.  Her face was aghast as she looked at me.  I asked; “What is the matter?  Are you okay?”

     She answered slowly and with deep reverence as she looked down at the little boy sleeping on her lap, “My son is White Wolf and I am Grey Wolf.” 
     Nothing more was said until we arrived at her motel, some fifty miles from the Rez.  We both knew something very profound had happened, and it was not a coincidence I was the one to give her a ride to her motel.

Article by: James Beard aka Noodin

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Monday, July 1, 2013


State Park Series

Monadnock State Park

SATURDAY EVENINGS / 7:00 pm all summer !
 at Monadnock State Park, Jaffrey, New Hampshire
Story telling fire at Monadnock State Park

Indigenous people tell sacred stories as a way of keeping coherence in the culture. These stories become the foundation of life upon which their societies are built. The stories contain wisdom,hope and shape life in profound ways.


To introduce our Stories Series, we are thrilled to bring to you story teller, James B. Beard aka Noodin.

Story telling at Monadnock State Park


                ~ HILLTOP AREA ~


SATURDAY EVENINGS / 7:00 pm all summer !    

Enjoy your parks !


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