Sunday, December 24, 2017

Spirit is always with us!




Spirit is always with us! You already know this.  I do not know a whole lot and certainly do not hold pretense that I understand the presence of Spirit. I am only a man walking a journey in this realm.

I do know this. There are moments when Spirit chooses to appear to us and, for me, they are not happenstance. I believe that Spirit will show a sign or act as a guide in a time when there is need. Our task becomes a challenge to understand the message.

Many years ago when I was still a young father in my late twenties I had such a visit, or I should say, my second oldest daughter had a visit. It was around midnight and everything was silent through the house. My oldest daughter was ten and sleeping soundly in her room. I awoke and went to the bathroom. Our bedroom had a bathroom connected to the master bedroom and, knowing my way, I did not use a light. As I re-entered the master bedroom I noticed the whole room was filled with light. Not a light of lamps but almost like daylight only with a white hew. My wife awoke and said to turn the lights off. I answered that I did not have any lights on. At that moment I could see a light coming toward me down the hallway from my youngest daughter’s bedroom. She was three at the time. It was like a white globe and put out a tremendous amount of light. My three year old was following it toward our room. As my daughter approached me the light disappeared. I picked up my young one and put her back in her bed. The next morning, sitting in the kitchen having my morning coffee, I asked my wife if she remembered the light in the room. She did not but she remembered my being up and moving around. I told her what I had witnessed and we kind of put the incident aside with no real answers. The existence of Spirit was not a reality in my world at that time in my life. My daughter had no memory of the incident either. I often have remembered that moment and thought my daughter seemed to have some sort of a Spirit presence watching over her. Maybe she was visited by an ancestor or angel or Spirit friend. Kids sometimes tell of these things.

Last summer my daughter, now in her mid thirties, was out biking on a path in the foothills in Colorado. She loves to do marathon bike rides among many other outdoor activities. Her one big hang up in this world is snakes. She hates them and cannot even stay in a room if there is a picture of one on TV or in a magazine. Not an unusual thing to fear snakes. While she was riding she came down a path and around a turn. On the path in front of her was a large rattle snake lying across the path. She posted this incident on Facebook that day. “I ran into a snake on the path today but I am okay”. I read her post and knowing of her fear I immediately phoned her to make sure she was okay. She asked me if I remembered the ball of light I had witnessed when she was a little girl. When I affirmed the memory she told me, “When I turned the corner and saw the snake, a ball of white light appeared and guided me past the snake.” Thank you Spirit for what you do watching over my little girl.
We presume we know so much when we actually know so little.
Article by James B Beard aka Noodin

James B. Beard aka Noodin is the author of  "White Mocs on the Red Road ~ Walking Spirit in a Native Way". Uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insight to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the Traditional Native American.

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