Friday, January 26, 2018


By James B Beard aka Noodin 2018

Photo by: James B Beard aka Noodin

Deer is still
Every sound a sign
A stick that snaps
Deer are running

 Wolf pauses in his step
Every scent is telling
A foe might be present
Wolf is on the move

 Trees are bending
Bows break and miss-shape
What was up is down
What was calm is disturbed

 Wind is blowing
Messages travel
Leaves swirl
Invisible motion

 Snake slithers in the grass
Silent and foreboding
Curled up under a rock
Ready to strike

 Earth seems to move
Shadows fool the ground
A stream takes new form
Everything changes

 Crow calls loudly
Gathering the murder
What do they hide
Following the motion

 Blue Jay sounds an alarm
Something is coming
What does he know
Does anyone hear

 Eagle looks down
Watches all things
Watches all things
Watches all things

James B. Beard aka Noodin is the author of  "White Mocs on the Red Road ~ Walking Spirit in a Native Way". Uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insight to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the Traditional Native American.

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